Gretchen Rossi has been staying on the sidelines for years, as she has been watching her friends on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Gretchen has revealed that she does stay in touch with some of the ladies on the show, including Vicki Gunvalson. Of course, Rossi may be crossing a line when she shares her thoughts on her former co-stars, but she doesn’t seem to care. Gretchen recently decided to speak out about Tamra Judge’s parental alienation case, as her daughter Sidney decided to speak out her mother and her point of view.

According to a new tweet, Gretchen Rossi is now slamming Tamra and she has spent many tweets on fans that feel the same way.

Rossi explained on Twitter that Judge is often slamming other people’s lives but when it happens to her, she gets angry when others bring it up. Even though she’s currently on vacation, Tamra decided to slam Gretchen for sharing her opinion about her daughter Sidney.

Calls out double-standard

Of course, Gretchen wanted to give credit to Sidney for speaking out. She wanted fans to know that she truly supports her for speaking out against her mother. It’s no secret that Gretchen isn’t happy with Tamra and the way things have escalated over the years. They are no longer friendly with one another and Judge was furious with Rossi’s comments about her daughter. As it turns out, Gretchen believes that Tamra may be saying things that are downright odd.

For example, Tamra kept arguing that Slade was a deadbeat dad.

She would attack his parenting and call him out for being absent. Now, Gretchen is doing the same thing to her about her mothering, and Tamra is furious about it. She doesn’t understand why this is happening and she doesn’t see a correlation at all.

Tamra may not be happy with ‘RHOC’

These days, Judge is vacationing as she’s dealing with this drama.

She may not be happy if Bravo considers bringing Gretchen back on the show to film with her. She was already upset about what had happened with her daughter, so it is sad to think that this could possibly play out even more on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Some fans have already called for Tamra to step away from the show to protect her daughter, but she doesn’t seem willing to do so. She has previously hinted that she makes her money by creating drama and stirring the pot. However, she may change her mind now that her daughter is involved.

What do you think of Gretchen Rossi’s comments that what Judge is doing is a double-standard?