"Riverdale" actor Lili Reinhart has recently admitted that she admires fellow actor Bella Thorne for speaking so candidly about her skin problems. Reinhart has admitted that her skin is a major source of insecurity for her and that she finds it difficult to accept her skin for the way it is. The star has come clean about her insecurities in an interview with Hello Giggle to show fans that even celebrities have insecurities.

The 'Riverdale' star admits that she admires Thorne

According to Just Jared, Lili Reinhart has come forward and stated that she admires Bella Thorne for talking so candidly about her skin.

Reinhart stated that she has many insecurities about her skin especially her face. She claims that she admires Thorne for being so open about her imperfections.

Reinhart states that the manner in which Bella Thorne talks candidly about her acne is admirable. Bella Thorne has shared her struggles with her fans and even answered their questions about it. Thorne also gave out some advice on how to handle the type of acne she has in an effort to help people struggling with the same issue.

Reinhart claims that she struggles with her skin so much that she will cover her face with concealer when leaving the house in case she comes across someone who wants to take a picture with her. The star stated that it is very difficult to deal with, as it is her skin and not something, which she can simply cover up with a hat.

The star has opened up in an interview with Hello Giggles

Lili Reinhart has opened up about her issues with her skin in a candid interview with Hello Giggles. The star explained that she has acne and everyday uses an acne cleanser to try to help with her spots and red patches. She follows this up with a good daily moisturizer before setting off on her day.

Reinhart has compared her beauty style to that of her character on the "Riverdale" show Betty Cooper. Lili explained that she and Betty both share the same application for the foundation as Reinhart prefers a natural look to her make up. She also stated that she tends not to wear makeup when she has days off shooting as she wants to allow her skin to breathe.

Reinhart has admitted that she blows her skin problems out of proportion but that is only because it is a major insecurity for her. She has shared that she has been working more on the application of makeup and has even started getting into some special effects makeup.

Lili Reinhart has proven that she is a good role model for young boys and girls as she candidly speaks of her insecurities.