The Herjavecs just celebrated their first Wedding Anniversary together! Kym and Robert were happy to share their sweet photos online as they marked their first year of being married couple on Monday. Kym took to Instagram on Sunday and she has shared a sweet photo of them together. The couple was reported to have enjoyed their first Mediterranean vacation together as they celebrated their special day.

On the caption, Kym wrote, "Happy Anniversary my ❤️ @robert_herjavec." Without a doubt, the couple seemed to be very in love and happy with their married life.

She also has shared a sweet photo of them together while sitting happily on a couch. Meanwhile, both were seen in all smiles as they enjoyed their quick but romantic getaway.

First year of marriage

According to reports from Entertainment Tonight, the couple has already shared some details over their first wedding anniversary celebration last May. Kym was happy to share that both of them seemed to have been together for a long time when in fact both of them were just newlyweds. Further, she has also shared that she and Robert had been dance partners since "Dancing With The Stars" in 2015. Since then, their relationship has bloomed into something romantic.

On the other hand, Robert has also shared his happiness having been married to wife Kym.

He also agreed that both of seemed not newlyweds at all. Robert added that he felt like knowing Kym for a very long time and it simply felt great as he revealed it in one of his interviews.

Trip to Europe

As the couple marked their first wedding anniversary, it has been learned that both have chosen to spend their celebration in Europe.

Kym explained that her husband wanted to go to Croatia and so they both spent their anniversary in the said place. Meanwhile, she also added that what they had was definitely a romantic trip. They certainly had enjoyed eating, laughing, and dancing all they want.

During her interview, Kym added, “One year down, and much more to go!” The couple has also shared some of their romantic photos on Instagram.

Their pictures simply showed how deeply in love they have been to each other. Both were also spotted spending their time at a seaside restaurant where the couple also posed for a photo. A short video clip was also shared online and it featured the couple happily dancing under the sun set.

Their first wedding anniversary is only another milestone of them as a couple. Further, Kym has added that both of them are enjoying their life as a married couple.