bethenny frankel has been on "The Real Housewives of New York" for a few seasons now, but she was one of the original housewives that started the franchise. Bethenny left the show behind after her major fight with former friend Jill Zarin, and when Bravo offered her a spinoff show about her and her career, she accepted.

Bethenny ended up filming the show for three seasons before quitting because her marriage was in trouble. At the time, she had been married to Jason Hoppy for a few years and back then, it was clear that he was struggling with her massive success.

She ended up filing for divorce and the divorce would take twice as long as the marriage itself. She is now single and enjoying the fruits of her labor, as Skinnygirl is more successful than ever. As for Bethenny's role on the show, it sounds like she's back on "The Real Housewives of New York" to stay.

She had been filming the show prior to her ex-husband entering her life and she picked it up as soon as he was out of her life. One can imagine he didn't enjoy the spotlight based on reports that have surfaced after their divorce. It sounds like he may have had something to hide in regards to his personality.

Most exciting season yet?

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that this season was one of the best yet, despite her legal troubles with her ex-husband.

"This season was one of the best yet. Stay tuned to see the reunion madness starting next wk. #rhony," Frankel tweeted recently.

Frankel wasn't happy that the stalking and harassment charges in relation to her ex-husband were featured on the show. She wasn't thrilled when it surfaced during their trip to Vermont, but she knew that this would eventually come out.

She also knew that she would have to say something on the show, as she has decided to open up about everything going on in her life by signing the Bravo contract.

The reunion special starts this upcoming Wednesday on Bravo and it sounds like the reunion special will touch upon some of these things going on with her ex-husband.

One can imagine that she doesn't feel comfortable talking about it but she may not have a choice, as Andy Cohen will ask her about it on the show. It sounds like she will have to address the things that have been playing out in the media and possibly about whether he may go to jail over these harassment charges.

Business is booming too

But on the business front, Bethenny is enjoying tremendous success and it sounds like things are only getting better on the professional front. In addition to her success, it sounds like Bethenny is really enjoying what fans are saying about this season, and she doesn't mind putting herself out there to provide a great television show. It will be interesting to see what happens on the reunion special, that has been divided into three parts.

The reunion special starts airing this Wednesday on Bravo.

Do you think Bethenny Frankel's tweet about this season is the best one yet? Do you think the harassment charges in relation to her ex-husband has added to the excitement of the season?