Kim Kardashian West, the American reality television personality, is one who is used to have her every move inspected. The mother of two and wife of Kanye West, usually just takes criticism with a pinch of salt and moves on with her life. But the star cannot stand people calling her a bad mother. Kardashian took to the her website on Thursday to explain her parenting and to ask the critics to leave her and her parenting style alone.

What her critics have to say

Kardashian's parenting has been judged and criticized on many an occasion. She has two children, North West who is four years old and Saint West, who is 20 months.

The critics judged the star last month, for dressing her daughter in what appeared to be a child-sized corset, According to Fox 2 News. People all over the world were shocked by this apparent cruelty.

This month, critics have been all over social media after Kardashian posted a photo her son, Saint West, in a forward-facing car seat. People have been calling her a bad mother, saying that her son is still too small for such a seat and that she doesn't care enough about his safety.

Kim's response to the criticism

Last month, the TV star and model, took to Twitter to defend herself. When the mother was accused of dressing her four year old daughter in what looked to be a corset, she took to Twitter to do some explaining.

According to CNN, Kardashian posted another photo of the dress that clearly showed that it was simply a cleverly designed cotton dress. Kim told her fans that she would never want to hurt her daughter and that she had simply found the dress cute. She was sad that people thought she would do such a thing to her own daughter.

Kim posted a video on her website on Thursday, in response to all the "mommy shaming" that she has been facing of late.

In the video, Kardashian explains the photograph of her son, Saint, in the car seat. According to CNN, West told critics that Saint fits all the height and weight requirements that are necessary for the forward-facing car seat.

The mother of two has spoken out, telling all fans and critics that her children's best interests are always in her mind.

She reminded critics that a photograph doesn't always tell the full story and that perhaps they should give her the benefit of the doubt before mindlessly shaming her. While Kim appreciates her fans and appreciates the concern they show for her children, she will not stand for being called a bad mother.