Kim Kardashian is the newest cover girl of Harper's Bazaar Arabia for its September issue!

The socialite revealed in the accompanying interview that she would like to be more vocal about her thoughts on societal and political issues that the Americans are currently facing. In fact, the TV personality was candid when she criticized Donald Trump and his administration.

Kim talks politics in new magazine cover

Kim Kardashian even suggested that her daughter, North West, could run the U.S. better than the current POTUS. She explained that it was frustrating to see how the country has reverted backward since Donald Trump took charge as President.

"Every single day when you can't really believe what's going on, the next day it's something else even more crazy and tragic," she said. "It's really scary, the world that we're living in now. And when you did feel safe at home, now with Trump in the presidency, you just don't feel safe any more."

Since she has been cautious of speaking about politics, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star is hoping that her comments will not be taken out of context now that she has decided to speak her mind on the matter. "Life scares me, just thinking of all the things that can go wrong," she added.

Kim Kardashian also clarified her previous statement wherein she refused to call herself a feminist and said that she just does not want to be labeled for what she believes in.

"Modern feminists are all the girls around us today," she explained.

The mother of two added that there is feminism in anyone who fights for their right. She also commended young girls who defend and empower each other. "Every time you look on social media and there's someone standing up for themselves, to me that's a modern feminist," she added.

Kim condemns bullying in any form

The 36-year-old personality also talked about getting bullied on social media and confessed that she is worried for her children who might experience the same thing in the future. Although she admitted that she is used to seeing hate comments on her profile, Kim Kardashian still feels that cyber-bullying should not be condoned by anyone.

"No matter what you do, you're so judged and criticized via social media. I hope it changes. I hope people stop being so negative," she continued. "We can only go further if everyone uplifts each other and supports one another."

Regardless of how other people see her, Kim Kardashian is striving to become a good role model for her two kids when they grow up. In fact, she wanted them to learn from her work ethics as a businesswoman.