A documentary titled "Autopsy: Cory Monteith" has aired and investigates the life and death of "Glee" actor Cory Monteith. The star battled with both drug and alcohol addiction his entire life and subsequently lost his battle with his demons at the age of thirty-one. The documentary explores Monteith's ongoing addiction and the final moments before his death.

The documentary will explore the addiction that Monteith battled since he was a teenager

According to AU News, the new documentary about the "Glee" star Cory Monteith will delve into the actor's early life when he first encountered drugs at the age of 13-years-old.

The documentary is titled "Autopsy: Cory Monteith" and draws attention to the struggles that the teenager faced throughout his childhood.

Monteith's addiction with drugs and alcohol began as a young teenager and during that time, he attended a total of sixteen different schools and institutions. The actor eventually left school at the age of sixteen and began to steal from relatives in order to fund his addiction. He also turned to petty crime and his family intervened when their son was nineteen-years-old when they staged an intervention.

The star went to rehab where he recovered from his addition however, Monteith would spend the rest of his life battling with his desire to get high and to drink.

In a report by The Sun, Monteith life was finally back on track and he scored the role of character Finn Hudson on the hit TV series "Glee."

Unfortunately, the star lost his battle with addiction at the age of thirty-one and died due to a combination of heroin and alcohol. Cory was found dead in a hotel in Vancouver and the world was shocked to hear of the actor’s premature death.

'Autopsy: Cory Monteith' explores the final moments of the stars death as he succumbed to his addiction

According to the Mirror, the documentary explores the final moments of Cory Monteith's death as the coroner explains what exactly lead to the end of the actor's life. Doctor Jason Payne-James appears on the documentary and explains that Monteith's death was a tragic accident, which was ultimately caused by a combination of heroin and alcohol.

The coroner reveals that earlier that night Cory had been out drinking with friends and was unaware that his central nervous system was compromised from the alcohol. When the star returned to his hotel room, he injected himself with the heroine. The combination of these two substances hindered his ability to breathe and the blood in his body could not be pumped at a sufficient rate.

Fans were devastated when they first heard the news about Monteith and have been tuning in in their masses to see what really happened to the actor.