International pop singer Katy Perry was once again spotted with rumored boyfriend Orlando Bloom during a concert event last weekend, Entertainment Tonight reported.

The “Roar” singer even reportedly sat on the actor’s lap, apparently in a display of affection. The two were seen together during a concert of Ed Sheeran held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last Saturday.

Insiders told Entertainment Tonight that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor reportedly embraced Perry’s waist in several moments. The singer also allegedly sat on his lap at one point.

The rumored couple reportedly walked in at the venue using jackets and baseball caps as jackets. But despite this, the report said fans were able to spot them from the crowd.

The insider said that Bloom was having a good time, and was enjoying Ed Sheeran’s performances. The actor was also seen dancing at some points. The two were located in the first row seats offered with a side view of the stage. The singer, however, was just laying back and listening to the performance, they told Entertainment Weekly.

Does Perry kiss Bloom?

There was also a tweet that reportedly saw Perry kissing the actor as she sat on his lap. The tweet cited the attendees in the concert as saying.

Other insiders who were able to follow the rumored couple backstage nearby the changing rooms, after Sheeran’s performance ended, told the entertainment website that they seemed delighted and uplifted.

They even said that they were holding hands, the report added.

Moreover, Bloom and the singer were seen having a great time enjoying the music, since they also danced and hugged each other, the article noted. They reportedly went home together on a motorcycle. The Daily Mirror showed images of the actor driving the motorcycle with the music artist behind.

Katy Perry with Robert Pattinson

Is Perry juggling boys around her?

It was not the first time that the pop singer was seen together with a guy. The previous weekend before the concert, she was reportedly spotted in a romantic dinner at Sunset Tower Hotel with “Twilight” actor Robert Pattinson.

TMZ reported that they were also close together in the table, exchanging conversations and glances.

According to entertainment news website, the pop artist’s dinner with Pattinson came after her alleged breakup with Orlando Bloom. But now that she has been seen again with the “Pirates” actor, fans are confused about her relationship.