It would be a lie not to admit that reality shows often have audiences more hooked than fictional ones. MTV is among the top networks to produce popular reality show content. Among the top hits for MTV is itsTeen Mom series that narrates the lives of teenage mothers. However, more times than often, viewers find it difficult to believe the truthfulness of what is being shown. Producers of such shows, it appears, go above and beyond at dramatizing certain situations. The main objective over here for them is to simply draw in more viewers.

The same accusation now stands upon “Teen Mom.”

MTV criticized for scripting the show

According to a report by Radar Online, MTV has been accused of scripting the show, not only by its audience but also its Stars. 16-year-olds Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry, who are a part of the of “Teen Mom” cast, state that their lives have been specifically edited to fit the format of the show. A report by In Touch Weekly states that while not all episodes are scripted, there are several storylines that have been specifically altered. Leah Messer who is now 25, reportedly tweeted back in April 2016 that season 7A of “Teen Mom” was particularly portrayed in the wrong light.

Messer and Jeremy Calvert relationship

In this episode, Messer and her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert were apparently discussing their divorce. During the on-going scene, Messer was recorded as telling Calvert about how they should be working towards unionizing their marriage, instead of breaking it. The episode which was telecasted did not showcase Calvert’s response.

Messer wasn’t aware of the cut at that time. When she realized what had been done, she angrily tweeted that she was very sure about her feelings being mutual with Calvert. She went on to accuse MTV of editing her storyline with the objective to gain added ratings.

Another "Teen Mom," Kailyn Lowry has accused MTV of focusing on her broken relationship with ex, Jo Rivera, instead of other more important events of her life.

She felt that MTV dejected the idea of giving her success at school any value, thereby degrading her achievements. According to a report by The Stir, she added by stating that she wants to encourage young mothers for the right cause. She further went on to state that MTV even rearranged the scenes of her life, to portray what they wanted to show. MTV hasn’t really made any official statement regarding this matter as of yet.