Noah Cyrus is a 17-year-old upcoming artist. She signed with a record label a number of months ago and since has been working tirelessly to boost her Music Career. Cyrus collaborated with Labrinth and has appeared on a number of shows where the pair performed the hit song "Make Me." Cyrus is determined to make her own mark in the music industry and does not care for being compared to her sister Miley Cyrus. The sister's relationship remains strong despite the constant comparisons.

The star is only 17-years-old

Noah Cyrus is following in the footsteps of her family as she pursues a career in the music industry.

The star is signed to Barry Weiss' record label called RECORDS. Despite only being signed since November 2016 Noah has already released a number of tracks. The star collaborated with Labrinth and released the track "Make Me" which had critics raving.

Noah opened up about how she always wanted to be a singer but her mom wanted her to wait until she was 18. According to Rolling Stone, the singer has teased that her father might be featuring on her upcoming album. After she released her track "Make Me" the star also released "Stay Together" and "I'm Stuck." Noah is definitely making waves in the music industry and has been working tirelessly since she was signed.

Being compared to her sister

According to NZ City, Noah has stated that she views herself as an artist separate from what her sister is doing in her own career.

The star blatantly shared that if people are comparing her to her sister than that is a problem that they have. Noah is in no way prepared to live in the shadow of her older sister Miley and has made this clear when questioned about it on numerous radio shows.

She has also shared that her sister wants the best for her and is being very supportive of her career.

Noah shared some advice that her sister gave her. Miley told her younger sister to stay clear of googling herself online. In an interview with InStyle, Miley also revealed that she warned Noah to turn off her Instagram comments. The star knows first hand what kind of internet abuse is out there and wants to protect her sister from it.

Noah has revealed that she found inspiration for her new album through real life experiences.

The star has teased a taste of her musical styles through her tracks "Make Me" and "Stay Together." Fans can look forward to seeing more from Noah in the upcoming months as she releases her new album.

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