Katy Perry stunned the crowd during the 2017 Music Video Awards on Sunday when she came on stage wearing a moon Person uniform. The popular singer has stolen the spotlight when she joked about her costume telling the audience that her “pee bag” was already full. According to Entertainment Weekly, Perry has served as the ceremony host for the big event which took place at The Forum in California.

A Night of Fun

As Perry started her hosting gig, the singer has addressed several issues. She continued to crack up jokes while a number of music awards’ nominees and famous personalities watched her from the audience.

The singer has also shared that 2016 was indeed a terrible year; however, she felt like things are getting better in the fashion world.

As she continued to connect with the audience, Perry asked them the question, "How are you coping right now?" while holding a fidget spinner into her hand. Apparently, the 2017 Music Video Awards was a night of fun and celebration. Earlier on the big event, Perry was also spotted wearing a stunning white dress. Apart from being the event host, she was also nominated in the five different categories including the Best Pop Video award.

Perry's best year

This year has been a great year for the popular singer. Being nominated five times for the 2017 Music Video Awards is indeed another milestone of her career.

She was also reported making the biggest hit for her newly released album, "Witness," back in June and has also been preparing for her upcoming world tours. To recall, the young singer had made headlines a couple of months ago when she tackled about her emotional journey to therapy sessions.

Despite her previous downfall, Perry has continued to pursue her career and just recently, she has dropped her latest music video for "Swish Swish." Her basketball-themed video has featured Nicki Minaj and it was believed to be the rival of Taylor Swift's newest single, "Look What You Made Me Do," which were both released on Thursday.

Back in July, Perry has announced on Twitter that she will be the host for this year's MVA which followed the host-less event last year. As she graced the big event on her moon person suit, Perry took to Twitter as she wrote, "Introducing your MOONWOMAN. Brace for impact!" Being on the lead of the nominees, this year was also the first for the Music Video Awards not to take on gender-specific categories. Stay tuned.