The religion of Scientology has been capturing tabloid interest for many years now. Before, it was just due to some outside speculations of what the church does inside, but now, people who have been raised in the religion that the famous actor, Tom Cruise, is in, are speaking out about their stories and why the religion must be deeply investigated.

Actress Leah Remini is known for being an anti-Scientology activist even though she was raised in it starting at the age of 9. Just recently, she released her memoir “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology” to elaborate her experiences and why the Scientology church should undergo federal investigation.

Leah Remini seeks out for the truth

Although the actress had since left the church after Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding happened, she was met with negative comments and reaction when she asked about where the wife of the church leader David Miscavige is. Even after filing a missing person report for Michele Miscavige, no new information has yet to emerge.

Since her friends from the religious group had promptly disconnected from her, she was able to dive into the biographical memoir and has received favorable reviews that made her continue in the show’s second season. In it, she hopes it will raise more awareness and publicize more pieces of evidence to allow a number of people to understand the abuses going on in its church.

Scientology recruitment for more members

Even though this may be an act of helping, people are still pessimistic about the religion’s actions. One of it would be their anti-drugs lectures that are presented to children that later received criticism picturing it as their way to desperately recruit more Scientology member. But their members soon rejected such accusations claiming that it was just an act of saving human lives and to help children understand the dangers of drug use.

Still, the religion cannot be easily labeled as a simple one, in fact, it is very controversial that it becomes difficult for many to believe if their outreach is for a good cause. This is because of the article published by an American journalist (Tony Ortega) that states the religion of Scientology is aiming for the attention of kids.

With Leah Remini’s show, we might be able to dig deeper into Scientology that has Tom Cruise’s name towed along. Despite, Remini's claims, the "Mission Impossible" actor kept quiet, which is why many people are reportedly wondering about the truth behind Scientology.