Tom Cruise was filming for “Mission Impossible 6 doing a stunt that he used to perform in the previous instalments. However, this time he missed the proper landing and broke his right ankle. The production has to stop working to assess what scenes could be done while the 55-year-old actor gets better.

The film will continue with its release date which is July 27, 2018 as reported by BBC. The hiatus will be for an unknown length but the director assures the fans that they will push through with the scheduled release date.

Tom Cruise halts filming 'Mission Impossible 6' to recover from injury

Director Christopher McQuarrie revealed that they will go on filming other scenes that do not include Cruise. They are now assessing what needs to be done while the injured actor recovers. The director informed that they will possibly work on the post-production phase then return filming the lead actor’s stunts when the break ends. This way they waste no time and will surely meet the release date.

Tom Cruise is doing fine despite the injury. It was an unexpected occurrence because Katie Holmes’ ex-husband did it for the fourth time during that unfortunate day. He was supposed to jump from one building to the other but on his fourth try; he hit the building on a different angle.

According to Empire, McQuarrie will “move heaven and earth” just to have the shot in the movie. Tom Cruise is keen on doing his own stunts. The stunt where he got hurt was perfectly taken, according to the director. Before the shoot, he asked the Scientologist and actor if he can do it and he answered affirmatively. After the accident, Cruise uttered that it was a really good shot.

Tom Cruise was a different man inside the Scientology church

Meanwhile, "Mad Families" star Leah Remini, an ex-Scientologist and host of “Leah Remini: Scientotogy and the Aftermath” revealed that Tom Cruise is not a good person, in fact, he is diabolical. The actress said that he shows a different person with the public but in reality, the actor is not good.

Cruise was Remini’s church mate in the Church of Scientology for 30 years. She left the church discontented with the way it is managed by David Miscavige. She is the host of the A&E show which narrates her life inside the church and the undesirable things that happen inside.

The actress revealed that the “Edge of Tomorrow” star is the representative and visible image of Scientology in Hollywood. The church, allegedly, chose his wives for him – Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman. But the two women both divorced Tom Cruise because of his religion.