Kathy Griffin saw the aftermath of her controversial photoshoot where she held an effigy of Donald Trump's severed head. The image spread like wildfire when the comedian personally uploaded it on her social media account back in May. After drawing backlash for her depiction of the U.S. President, she immediately took down the photo and uploaded an apology to those who were offended, but refused to apologize to the POTUS.

Griffin lost job in the wake of Donald Trump controversy

But despite her apology, Kathy Griffin lost her job as the co-host of CNN's "New Year's Eve Live." She hosted the year-end countdown broadcast for eight years before her controversial photo forced the network to cut their ties with her.

Anderson Cooper also admitted that he was "appalled" when he saw his co-host's depiction of the U.S. leader. He added that it was "clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate" to go that far in attacking Donald Trump. A couple of months later, the journalist clarified that he was still friends with Kathy Griffin even after he disagreed with her depiction of the president.

"Yeah, we’re still friends," he told Andy Cohen. "And look, I said what I said about -- I didn’t think what she said was appropriate, but I wish her the best and I hope she bounces back."

Unlike Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin candidly said that she has cut her ties with her former co-host after all that has been said in the wake of the controversy.

The "Suddenly Susan" actress even confessed that she was "deeply hurt" when the "60 Minutes" correspondent publicly claimed that they were still friends before he even reached out to her.

The stand-up comedian bluntly told the journalist that their friendship was over when he tried to check in with her in a series of messages.

An affiliate of Anderson Cooper, on the other hand, explained that the journalist was "shocked and upset" by the controversial photoshoot.

But, regardless of what happened and how he reacted to the issue, the TV personality still considers Kathy Griffin a friend. Although she has ended her friendship with Anderson Cooper, the female comedian found support from her fellow comedians and colleagues in the industry who came to her defense.

Comedian gears up for world tour

Kathy Griffin will continue to speak her mind and express herself on her upcoming "Laugh Your Head Off" world tour which will kick off on October 17. She even promised that "nothing is off limits" on the show, seemingly suggesting that she may discuss her controversy involving Donald Trump.