There's not much Farrah Abraham hasn't had in terms of plastic surgery. The "Teen Mom OG" star's recent vaginoplasty took the knife a little lower. Abraham raved about her "lady parts" upgrade which made the "teen mom" feel like a kid again. It will be interesting to see if fellow cosmetic surgery maven Amber Portwood tries this after her epic split with Matt Baier.

'16 and Pregnant' star feels 16 again

Audacious would be a mild term to apply to Farrah Abraham. She proudly showed off her preparations for the genitalia tuck on Instagram. The "Teen Mom OG" celebrity posed with her rejuvenation specialist Sara Fowler.

Exactly what happens isn't clear, but it seems to be a skin removal or "tummy tuck" in the nether regions in which the vaginal walls are tightened. The reality TV teen mom grossed out fans by describing her genitals as refreshed to pre-coital, pre-childbirth adolescence.

Vaginoplasty danger?

Any type of plastic surgery is risky but that doesn't stop celebrities. Reality television folks are getting in on the act too. Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, Kailyn Lowry and other "Teen Mom" cast members have undergone extensive makeovers -- if it can be tucked or silicone-injected they will do it. But vaginal skin removal is getting into some scary territory.

Abraham recommends vaginal tightening

Farrah Abraham gushed over her vaginal transformation (as the websites tout it), but the "Teen Mom OG" star might want to be a little more guarded in her praise.

The MTV celeb is only 26 and all that cosmetic surgery so young may not bode well over time. There's a likely risk of infection and pregnancy or sexual complications. Plus, there's concern of pressure on women to undergo such plastic surgery which gals like Catelynn Lowell of "Teen Mom 2" seem particularly vulnerable to.

Pressured to plastic surgery

Do you ever wonder why so many of the "Teen Mom" reality television Celebrities undergo plastic surgery? It's poor self-image and pressure from dysfunctional men in their lives. Amber Portwood just got out of a disastrous relationship with Matt Baier. The 40-something was old enough to be her dad and possibly a pedophile (as he hit on the "16 and Pregnant" cast members).

Portwood had a boob job, tummy tuck, facelift and more to be more attractive.

Vaginal tuck invites exploitation

Catelynn Lowell has struggled with obesity and her "Teen Mom OG" husband Tyler Baltierra bullied her into weight loss. He made body-shaming comments too. Overweight Kailyn Lowry just gave birth to her third child, and ex Javi Marroquin pushed her to have a dangerous butt implant procedure and breast augmentation. Imagine how easy it would be to bully these insecure women into having a vaginal tuck.