Kate Winslet has come forward recently and opened up about her friendship with fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The pair first met when they co-starred in a movie together and have been friends since their early adult years. Their friendship is one of the longest lasting in all of Hollywood and fans were delighted to see that the pair are still as close as they were when they first met.

Winslet has opened up about her friendship with DiCaprio

According to The Mirror, actor Kate Winslet has recently opened up about her ongoing friendship with her former co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

The pair first met when they were hired for the movie "titanic" and have been close friends ever since. In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine, Kate revealed that the pair is still as close as they have ever been.

Winslet stated that the last conversation she can recall with her friend was incredibly silly and that they both had each other in stitches. The star said that she and DiCaprio often wonder what would happen if people found out about the crazy things that they discuss. It is clear that the pair are extremely close and fans are hoping that their friendship might turn into something more.

Winslet went on to claim that she and Leonardo often quote lines from the movie "Titanic" at one another simply because they can.

She claimed that she and DiCaprio find it hilarious and fans have found this confession to be adorable. Kate and Leonardo were spotted recently in Saint Tropez where they went on a holiday with one another.

This has sparked rumors that the pair has become romantically involved but neither of the stars has confirmed this. The couple has always been very vocal about their friendship with one another in the past and it appears that for now, they are only friends, however, fans remain hopeful that something will happen between the pair.

Winslet also revealed what career path she would like to go down if she was not acting

According to Elle, Kate Winslet was asked what career path she would have taken if she had not gotten into acting. The star did not hesitate to answer and declared that she would love to be a hairdresser, however, she admitted that she tried her hand at the profession before and that not everything went according to plan.

Winslet revealed that she decided to practice cutting hair on one of her friends and revealed that she accidentally ended up cutting one of his earlobes off. She stated that she ran into him recently and apologized again for the accident but that the incident was all taken in good humor.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio have one of the most treasured friendships in all of Hollywood and while fans are eager to see them get together, they are happy that the pair has remained close friends.