Kailyn Lowry surprised everyone when she announced that she was pregnant with her third child back in February. Kailyn has revealed that she planned the pregnancy, but she didn't tell a lot of people about it. Jo Rivera was one of the only people she had told, as her time with Isaac may change around the birth. In addition, it sounds like they have become close friends as they have worked out a great co-parenting schedule for their son. But Lowry hadn't told Javi Marroquin about the pregnancy and "Teen Mom 2" fans believed that he could have been the father.

But it sounds like Lowry was completely on her own, as her own family members may have been shutting her out as well.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that her very own Mother has no interest in meeting her new grandson. Of course, Lowry has struggled with her mother and the two have a troubled relationship. On "16 & Pregnant" and the earlier seasons of "Teen Mom 2," Kailyn tried to reach out to her mother several times but go no response. It sounds like Lowry has tried to get them to meet, but her mother wants little to do with her grandson.

Troubled relationship

Of course, Kailyn hasn't gotten along with her mother because she got pregnant at an early age. She didn't even live with her mother during her early years of reality television and her mother may have a different opinion as to what went wrong between them.

It sounds like Kailyn's mother doesn't want to leave the past in the past, as she has no interest in working things out with her daughter. It must be bad since she doesn't even want to see her own grandson. No word on whether she has a relationship with Isaac and Lincoln.

Javi Marroquin was family

Maybe Javi was her only family when they were married. Since they are now divorced, one has to wonder if Kailyn has anyone she can talk to about this pregnancy. Of course, Marroquin has revealed that he wants to get along and one can imagine that he doesn't mind helping out. However, Lowry seems to have a guard up and she doesn't want to let anyone in.

On last night's episode of "Teen Mom 2," Kailyn Lowry and Javi got along and it sounds like a great situation for them. But it sounds like there's some distance there that Kailyn has created. She clearly doesn't want him involved and she no longer sees him as a family member.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's tweet about her own mother not wanting anything to do with her grandson? Are you surprised that Lowry has little family support?