Gretchen Rossi hasn't filmed "The Real Housewives of Orange County" as a full-time cast member for years. When Gretchen was on the show, she tried not to get involved with the drama in the end, as she just wanted to propose to her then-boyfriend Slade Smiley and start planning a future together. For years, these two have been talking about the future, but she didn't want to get married, as she would inherit all of his personal debt, which included child support. On the show, Gretchen revealed that she was indeed excited about a future with Slade, but added that she was concerned about how he may ruin her financially.

When Gretchen did propose on the show, many of the co-stars made fun of the way she chose to propose. Heather Dubrow revealed that she felt the proposal lacked heart and emotion, and they all slammed her for choosing to get engaged without any of her co-stars present. For Rossi, she wanted to create something special for her and Slade. She wanted her very own proposal and chose to just invite close friends and family. Rossi felt that her then "Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars didn't fall into either category.

But it sounds like Gretchen and vicki gunvalson have made peace. Over the past couple of months, Gretchen and Vicki have hung out several times and one can imagine that they are growing closer each time they meet up.

Now they have something to talk about as they have something in common; they both dislike Tamra Judge. It is no secret that Vicki and Tamra used to be great friends. But Vicki reveals that she and Tamra are no longer friends because Tamra supposedly keeps lying about Vicki.

As for Gretchen, she decided to call out to Judge’s lies when her estranged daughter Sidney decided to speak out against her mother recently.

This caused Judge to slam Rossi and a new feud was brewing.

Bonding with Vicki Gunvalson

Gretchen and Vicki are now tweeting and talking publicly on social media about their dislike for Tamra. Vicki recently called her a liar indirectly by agreeing with a fan, while Gretchen Rossi shared a thumbs-up emoticon in regards to the comment.

It sounds like Gretchen and Vicki have absolutely no problem calling out their former friend for the drama she has caused. When Gretchen decided to speak out about Tamra, some people believe that she was doing it because she wanted back on the show.

By going after Sidney, Gretchen may have thought she could rattle some feathers. It sounds like she is trying everything she possibly can to make Judge’s life miserable while getting publicity for herself. Rossi got plenty of support from her fans, who were pleased that she was finally calling out her former friend.

Taking down Tamra?

Vicki Gunvalson has been accused of trying to team up with Gretchen to take down Tamra Judge. One can imagine that these two will continue to battle it out on social media as Tamra continues to reply to them. It sounds like Tamra can't stop being involved in the drama, despite it being about her. Even when it is not about her, she will speak out to defend whoever she believes is right.

What do you think about Gretchen Rossi and Vicki Gunvalson teaming up to slam Tamra on social media? Do you think Vicki is trying to put Gretchen in a positive light?