Kailyn Lowry recently gave birth to her third son and she seems to be doing well after the birth. Kailyn was already released from the hospital the same day as she gave birth. Despite being a new mother, she is finding time to chat with people on social media and she’s still battling to find a name for her son. Lowry has revealed that she’s not sure what to name him, but her two other sons had plenty of suggestions.

Even though Lowry has been vocal on social media after returning home from the hospital, she has yet to speak out about what life is like with yet another newborn in the home.

While she has revealed that she’s doing this thing on her own, Kailyn has also been spotted with the baby’s father.

Still remains nameless

Kailyn Lowry hasn’t revealed what the boy will be named, simply because she has no idea. According to a new tweet, Kailyn reveals that her sons are trying to help her find a name, but they are struggling to make it work. They simply don’t know what they can agree on. While Isaac believes that Murphy was alright and Francis was an ideal name, Lincoln believes Climber is the best name for the little boy.

Lowry has revealed that she wants a unique name for her son and she wants a name that is interesting yet not too outrageous.

Kailyn has explored many names for both boys and girls, but now she only has to focus on one name.

Now what?

These days, Lowry is spending time at home with her three children, including her newborn baby. One can only imagine that she is exhausted because she is taking care of the baby all alone, but it's possible she could be getting some help from her friends.

As for her relationship with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, it sounds like it is cordial. He is spending time with Lincoln these days as Kailyn adjusts to life with a newborn.

Kailyn recently hinted that she is ready to film another season of “Teen Mom 2” and she’s excited about sharing her new life with fans. As she has explained, fans have seen an angry and upset version of her on this season of the show, as she’s dealing with her divorce from Javi.

She’s excited about showing a positive and happy side to her on the upcoming season of the show. This is something fans can look forward to, as Kailyn has hinted she's going to stay positive and honest.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s decision to take on this baby on her own? Are you surprised that she’s focusing so much on being a good mother, despite not having a name for him yet?