Jenelle Evans has revealed that her mother purposefully decided to leave her out of the birthday that she was having from Jace. It’s no secret that Jenelle is desperately trying to get custody of her son back, as her mother has been the primary caretaker for a while. Because of her fight to get Jace back, she has been fighting with her mother. This has been documented on “Teen Mom 2,” but the two of them have also been fighting in court.

Jenelle shared the news on social media that her mother had celebrated Jace’s 8th birthday without inviting Jenelle to the party.

Things are bad between her mother and Jenelle, but fans had no idea that Barbara would take it out on Jace and leave out an invitation to his mother. It seems immature and unnecessary to put him in the middle of it.

Reality star has her own celebration

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans got to celebrate her son her way as she had her own party for him. Even though her mother decided to have a party without Jenelle being invited, it sounds like Evans didn’t let it affect her. Instead, she had a party for him that showed him just how much she loves him. In her world, he doesn’t come second.

“Party time, 8 years young!” Jenelle Evans revealed on Instagram while sharing a picture of her son with a cake.

He looks very happy to be celebrated by his mother and it is clear that he misses her. Even on “Teen Mom 2,” he talks about how he wants to spend more time with her. However, he is always put in an awkward situation, as Barbara seems to have him choose between the two. There seems to be no happy medium where he can see his friends while living with Jenelle.

Will she ever get custody of Jace?

It seems like Barbara doesn’t want to give up custody of Jace to her daughter. She would prefer to fight in her court as much as possible and she would prefer to keep her power over Jenelle. Evans has predicted that her mother keeps fighting her on custody because she wants to keep filming “Teen Mom 2.” With the show comes a pay check that’s a bit bigger than her Walmart pay.

Perhaps the money is more powerful than her relationship with her daughter. This is what fans are forced to believe, as Barbara isn't giving her daughter a chance.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ decision to have her own party for her son? Do you think she will convince the judge to grant her full custody of her son in the future if she continues to improve as she has been over the past couple of years?