Kailyn Lowry just gave birth to her third son two weeks ago, and while she is still struggling to come up with a name for the little boy, it sounds like things are going well for these days. Many fans wondered if she could handle a third son as she is now a single mother to three boys. Of course, Lowry has financial independence thanks to her paycheck from MTV and she does have the support of her sons’ fathers. It is quite possible that Kailyn Lowry is now thinking about the future, now that she has three boys to take care of.

Over the past couple of weeks, Kailyn has been thinking about what she wants to do with her backyard, as her sons are spending more time out there.

She wanted to replace the swings because they may be getting a tad bit old. She explained that it came with the house and that the house is about 10 years old. However, she also points out that she's unsure of whether the swing set was completely new or if it needs to be replaced.

Fans eager to help

Many of her fans reached out to her in hopes of helping her and explained that the swing set appears to be just fine even though it may be older. One fan suggested she should buy a new swingset for safety reasons, while another suggested that it was time to sell her house and move into something else.

Of course, Lowry isn't thinking about selling the house for the sake of the swing set. But she may be open to the idea of selling her home, as this was a marital home with Javi Marroquin.

The two were married for several years but the relationship ended when things between them got rough. Kailyn has revealed that she felt her marriage to him was toxic and that she could no longer trust him.

She also explains that she really wants to move on with her life and having a baby is a fairly good indicator that she’s over her marriage.

Making it her own

It sounds like selling her marital home isn’t happening. She has completely redone the interior to suit her own style and she is often showing it to her fans on social media.

It sounds like they really love what she has done with the place, as she has truly made her own. She has also tried to erase memories of her marriage to Javi, as it really appears to have a feminine touch. Fans are so excited that she is taking such big steps to make it her own place. No word on whether Javi made money when they divorced, as he could have sold his share to Lowry.

What do you think about having Kailyn Lowry staying in the marital home? Do you think she has made it her own and is able to live there without the memories of her toxic marriage?