kelly dodd has been filming "The Real Housewives of orange county" for the past year and she has opened up about her marital troubles to her husband Michael. When she first joined the show, Kelly dropped the bomb about her marriage. She had previously filed for divorce because she wanted to get out of the relationship but he refused to divorce her.

Even though she was engaged to someone else, he essentially forced her to stay which meant that she couldn’t move on with her life. These days, they are trying to make the marriage work even though things have clearly been rough for the couple.

When Kelly is watching the show, she explains that she sees a lot of similarities between her own marriage and that of Shannon and David Beador.

No support from husbands

On this past episode, Shannon opened up to her husband David about opening up a restaurant. She had even met with a business partner and she was ready to create a business that sold affordable and healthy food for people in Orange County and the surrounding area.

It sounds like she had a great idea, but her husband was quick to shut her down. David has been in the business industry for a long time and he knows how hard it is to create a business that is successful. But as Kelly points out, it isn't so much about Shannon having an idea.

It is more about David shutting down her ideas before she even has a chance to work on them. This is something she experiences in her own marriage.

"At times, watching Shannon and David reminds me so much of my marriage," Dodd writes in her Bravo blog, adding, "Shannon and I have a lot of things we are passionate about, things we would love to build businesses around.

One example is Shannon’s healthy restaurant idea. However, our husbands are quick to point out the real challenges of bringing our ideas to life. It’s frustrating at times."

Kelly Dodd may have had plenty of great ideas over the past couple of years but her husband, who was once a part of a successful educational company, seems to shut down her ideas before she has a chance to present them.

Kelly has revealed that her husband is a bit of a narcissist and that they don't always get along. One can imagine that she's learning to deal with it but Kelly feels bad for Shannon. She’s is trying to present her husband with a business idea that she's had for a while and she just wants to make it a success.

Similarities including divorce?

It is interesting that Kelly is now seeing similarities between her own marriage and that of Shannon and David. One can imagine that Shannon is not pleased about the comparison, especially since Kelly tried to divorce Michael and he denied her request. But it sounds like Dodd isn't predicting that the marriage will end. Even though David has cheated on Shannon, it sounds like he's invested in the relationship and wants to make it work.

What do you think about Kelly Dodd's analysis of Beador’s marriage? Do you think they will work out the issues or do you think that they are going to get a divorce eventually?