Kailyn Lowry recently gave birth to her third son and it sounds like there are plenty of rumors swirling about her current relationship with Chris Lopez. When Chris was revealed to be the father of her child, people were shocked and surprised to learn that she would still be keeping him in her life after the baby was born. A while ago, Kailyn revealed that she was going to do this pregnancy alone and that she was going to be a single mother to this little boy.

Right now, three weeks after being born, the baby boy still doesn't have a name and Lowry has revealed that Chris has shut down every name suggestion, including baby Milo.

It sounds like Chris is more involved in this baby's life than originally anticipated. There are many rumors swirling about Lowry and Chris, but Kailyn doesn't seem to mind too much. She's spending time with the baby, and she doesn't have the time to address every single rumor about her baby’s father.

Not about her ex-husband

But according to a new tweet, it sounds like Kailyn Lowry is not necessarily interested in hearing what people are saying about Javi Marroquin. The two got divorced last year and Kailyn got pregnant shortly after. On Twitter, she's been very vocal about their relationship and sounds like she doesn't want people to talk about the divorce, as there are children involved.

In addition, she doesn't want people to think that she and Javi are getting back together as this is not the case.

Over the weekend, Kailyn learned that there was a rumor that she and Javi have hooked up since getting divorced and she quickly decided to address it. On Twitter, she denied that they had hooked up and she wanted to make sure people knew she had no plans to get back together with him.

A big betrayal

The two have just announced that they are filming "marriage boot camp" together and people believed that they want to get back together.

Why else would they be on such a reality show? But the reality is that they're going on the show because they need to learn how to co-parent. Marroquin has supposedly learned that Kailyn slept with his best friend and he clearly has some trust issues to deal with.

One can imagine that it was hard for him to learn the news about his best friend as he trusted him not to do something stupid.

One can imagine that he's heartbroken and he wants nothing to do with his friend anymore. It sounds like it will be an interesting show to watch, as "Marriage Boot Camp" dives deeper into the issues that are not discussed on "Teen Mom 2."

One can imagine that many of their fans are going to be tuning in to see what really happened between them. For a long time, Kailyn revealed that the marriage was toxic, but she never provided any details as to what happened between them. It is no secret that she had a miscarriage and she was upset that Javi didn’t deal with it the way she wanted, but one can imagine that many other things happened behind closed doors. These things will probably surface on "Marriage Boot Camp" as the new season premieres this fall.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry addressing rumors that she hooked up with Javi Marroquin, but ignoring all rumors about her baby’s father, Chris Lopez?