Javi Marroquin was extremely sad when he learned that his wife of several years, Kailyn Lowry, wanted to get a divorce. Javi is the stepfather of little Isaac and during the marriage, they had become really good friends. When Kailyn announced that she wanted to get a divorce, Javi thought that he wasn’t going to have the relationship with Isaac anymore. Technically, Isaac is not his son and he had to make room for Jo Rivera to see his son and for Kailyn to spend the time with as well.

Javi was essentially at the bottom of the priority list, even though Isaac saw him as a father figure.

For a while, Kailyn had hinted that she didn't know how Javi would see Isaac, even though they both wanted to. But it sounds like Marroquin is now getting some time with him, as he recently brought both Isaac and Lincoln to his work with him. Marroquin had a "bring your kid to work day" with the Air Force, and now It sounds like he's getting the time with his stepson as he wants.

No legal rights

For a long time, Javi Marroquin believed that Kailyn Lowry would keep Isaac away from him. For biological reasons, there is no reason for Javi to see Isaac as he is not his biological father. But the two had built up quite the bond throughout the time that Kailyn and Javi were married. Marroquin has revealed that he saw Isaac as his best friend.

As fans saw on "Teen Mom 2," Isaac was heartbroken that he was not getting his own room at Javi’s new place, but Lincoln was. Kailyn was criticized over the way she handled the situation, as she merely shut him down. Rather than explain the situation, she simply said that that was just the way it had to be.

One can imagine that Isaac is doing better these days, as he knows that he gets to see Javi. In addition, he can see how Kailyn and Javi are happier without one another.

Things were bad at one point

One can hope that Marroquin continues to see Isaac even though he and Kailyn are not necessarily getting along. On "Teen Mom 2," Kailyn went to the courts to get a protective order against him because she felt he was being verbally abusive.

It also scared her how he would just show up at the house and talk to the children, as the tooy were freaked out by it. Javi was clearly upset that Kailyn had kept secrets from him, something that will surface on "Marriage Boot Camp."

What do you think about Javi Marroquin having a relationship with Isaac? Are you surprised that Kailyn and Jo Rivera allowed Javi to bring Isaac with him to work, so he and Lincoln could be together?