Justin Theroux could have been part of the NBC hit sitcom “Friends” if only he had not slept in on the day of his audition. He talked about missing the audition as well as how it is being married to “Friends” actress Jennifer Aniston in an interview with Mr. Porter’s The Journal.

Theroux on his missed audition

Theroux had just moved to New York in the early 1990s and someone told him about auditioning for a lot of sitcoms, one of which was “Friends.” He revealed that he did not really think too much about missing the “Friends” audition because he believed he would not have been ready for the fame.

“Friends” became very famous from its premiere in 1994 through to its end in 2004.

He did not offer details about what the other sitcoms were that he was told to audition for.

Theroux on his marriage to Aniston

Forty-six-year-old Theroux and 48-year-old Aniston have been married for two years now. They celebrated their second-year anniversary earlier this month and in his latest interview, he said that his marriage is based on the comedic side of his wife. He noted that other men are intimidated by a funny woman but he is not one of them because he believes that in a perfect world, “a relationship is two people laughing together,” People reported.

Theroux on surviving the tabloids

Because Theroux is married to one of the most popular actresses, he said that he was able to get a front-row seat “to the insanity” of Hollywood.

However, he learned to guard himself and his wife to survive the brutality of the tabloids and gossip columns. He noted that although he is very guarded when it comes to the tabloids, he still sometimes gets a surprise attack with topics that these tabloids and Gossip Columns come up with. He then praised Aniston for being able to face these rumors “elegantly and pretty effortlessly.” He also revealed that he has not changed at all from when he was not with Aniston and now that he is, he gets a lot of extra attention given to him, US Weekly shared.

Just recently, Aniston talked about not caring about what the tabloids and gossip columns are writing about her. She noted that these people only body-shame, fat-shame, and childless-shame, which she has had enough of. She said as long as she knows she is healthy and happy, she does not care about what others think about her decisions in her life.

The two first met on the set of “Tropic Thunder” in 2007. They started dating in “2010” after co-starring on “Wanderlust.”