In recent Screen Rant news, they talk about the possibility of Obi-Wan not being the only one to receive the stand-alone treatment. In the midst of that news, there was also talk of giving everyone's favorite little green frog like Jedi Master Yoda, his own stand-alone movie. When in the vast "Star Wars" history is currently unknown.

As with Obi-Wan before him, there is only a limited time period in which it could happen, either before the prequels detailing his journey to become the wizened old Master we all know and love, or between the two trilogies in his time in exile on Dagobah.

Possibility of Yoda stand alone

While this may have started off as an often repeated rumor from Lucasfilm years ago as they were transitioning from being their own property to being owned by Disney, it now seems to be a reality. Even though nothing official has been said, no director, actors or production workers announced, the possibility seems stronger now that Lucasfilm has a firm foundation and knows where they are going.

Even as Lucasfilm was in talks, filming and in post-production for "Rogue One"-the story of how the rebels stole the Death Star plans-it still seemed unthinkable for them to make a movie around Yoda. What would it be about after all? In the Screen Rant article, they noted that even George Lucas himself, the man who originally created this entire fictional universe didn't plan on revealing the answer to Yoda's backstory.

Aside from him being the wise Jedi master who trained students for 800 years, including Luke, George wanted us to know as little about him as possible. As a storyteller and director, George knew it worked better that way. The less the audience knew about him, the more he seemed like a wise old mentor from myths. Sure we get a bit from his female counter-part Yaddle in the much mocked "The Phantom Menace", but it still amounts to not much.

In the event Yoda did get his own film, it would actually serve more harm than good. While Han Solo is ripe for story telling, Yoda is not, for one key reason, character type. Where Han is more the swashbuckling, devil-may-care smuggler ready for any adventure type, Yoda is not. He even says it himself to Luke in "The Empire Strikes Back", "Adventure, bah!

Excitement, ha! A Jedi craves not these things."

As a Jedi master, it would go against his very nature to look for it. Sure he fought in prequel movies, but that was because he had no other choice. In a normal situation such as his own movie, his character just isn't the type. It along with many others was one of the reasons people so deeply hated the prequels. They didn't need to see Yoda fight, as it wasn't his character.

Fan reaction

Just a quick scan of the comments following the Screen Rant article would tell Lucasfilm all they need to know, overall fans are opposed to the idea. Especially after the disaster that was the prequels, they have had enough of Yoda.

One fan even went so far as to say, "I don’t really care about Yoda anymore, his portrayal in the prequels felt so ingenue to me that it kinda spoiled the character as a whole.

Unless this spinoff is literally the best movie ever made, I won’t like it nor want it."

In other words, if the plan for a Yoda stand alone movie ever moves forward, Lucasfilm would have a practically monumental task ahead of it. How to tell a story about a mysterious figure without giving too much away? Then again, if anyone could, it would be this post-Disney buyout Lucasfilm.