Justin Bieber is very popular. Justin made a remix for Luis Fonsi’s song "Despacito" and shortly after, it hit a billion views. Justin was quoted saying he doesn’t even remember the lyrics. Justin is successful in his music career, but in relationships, he needs to up his game.

Recently, Justin Bieber revealed that he was making a music comeback, but it seems all he wants to come back to is a relationship. He isn’t lucky though; he tried to hit on a woman who had a boyfriend, though it wasn’t intentional. You see, the “One Less Lonely Girl’ singer thought she was single, but how would he know if a girl is lonely or not, to begin with?

Justin Bieber was rejected on Twitter

Well, the issue isn’t hitting on someone’s girlfriend, but how she savagely rejected her in the watchful eyes of Twitter users. That’s not the way to embarrass a celebrity. The Weekend and Selena Gomez might be somewhere laughing at Bieber. His history of bad behavior has portrayed him as a troublemaker, but maybe it his personal problems that have made him this way.

Justin Bieber must be very lonely on Twitter. The star, who was helped by Usher to become one of the shakers in the music industry, DM’d the Georgia based Gym where Jessica Gober works after bumping into her photo on Instagram. But you know how girls can be if they don’t like you, they can shout from the roof tops just to make sure everybody knows you aren’t her type.

Gober is perhaps one of those girls.

Jessica Gober is not interested in Bieber and is dating

The receptionist went on Twitter and exposed Bieber’s move on her by writing that Justin Bieber had messaged the gym where she works and asked who she was. Moreover, Jessica posted a screenshot which showed JB’s message asking who the girl was and a heart emoji.

Perhaps to break Justin Bieber’s heart into pieces, she posted a photo of her and a boyfriend and said in the tweet that she had everything she needed right there.

The 23-year old singer must have seen the fit blonde posing with an energy drink in a photo that was taken by her employer and owner of Fitness on Broughton. He should have thought before making a move.

Girls are now blaming Jessica for letting such an opportunity go.

Gober said that at first after she saw the message she got confused and called her mother and boyfriend. Their reaction was the same as hers, and everyone was surprised that a celebrity was asking for her name. She added that she was a fan of Bieber when she was young but hasn’t been following her for four years now.

Well too bad for JB. Justin wherever you are, if you are still interested, read this article, and you will come across her name. You need to go back to your drawing board and change your tactics. That’s all for now.