Beth Dover now plays a major role in the coming Orange Is The New BlackSeason 6 as Linda Ferguson. After the epics events of the previous season finale, nothing will ever be the same without the 38-year-old star.

Linda is first known as the low-profile evil woman from Management & Correction Corporation’s purchasing department. But following the fifth installment, she becomes Litchfield's unexpected prisoner. She is also now one of the main characters of the show. Now, it is a big question of how fans are going to see her in its return.

Ferguson’s unsure return

In an interview with Elite Daily, Beth Dover talked about his character and her future in “Orange is the New Black” Season 6.

Although she is not 100 percent sure that Linda Ferguson is going to be back, she is quite sure that she will still be seen in the coming season. She revealed that the comedy-drama web series will start its production this August, so only then she will be sure of her future in the show. However, she teased that she thinks she will still be seen in the show's next season.

Now that she plays an integral part, it is not far off to surmise that she will definitely be back. To recall, Linda is seen being transported into a new prison along with the other Litchfield inmates in the previous season finale.

She was trying her best to convince the SWAT officers that she was MCC’s employer to save herself, but to no avail.

A change of attitude

However, it seems that someone is going to believe that Linda Ferguson is working at the purchasing department before she gets locked up again in “Orange is the New Black” Season 6.

There is also a possibility that Joe Caputo (Nick Sandow) will come to save her.

If Beth Dover is going to reprise her role, she hopes that Linda will have a change of attitude and won’t be the same sociopath fans saw in the show's fourth chapter. She explained to Elite Daily that Linda might have an “eye-opening experience” after being imprisoned. She now knows what being a prisoner is actually like and it scares her.

Although she is not yet sure of what’s to come and her future in the television series, she hopes that her character could become an “advocate for change.”

Beth Dover even joked that she might just return as a jerk that viewers have seen before. She then promised that it will be an interesting storyline if ever her wish comes to life. As she now has more sympathy for the prisoners, she loves her character more and is expecting to reprise her role.