Joy-Anna Duggar looked to be having a blast when she recently posted a photo on social media. The photo showed her with her husband, Austin Forsyth, riding dirt bikes. The pair, who wed in May, looked totally happy as they posed for the photo--and Joy-Anna even rocked the Dirt Bike in a dress. The Duggar dress code prevents women from wearing pants. However, recently Joy-Anna's older sister, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, has been rocking pants and sleeveless shirts, which is considered a tad scandalous for a Duggar daughter. Joy-Anna still kept to her faith while riding the dirt bike, not letting her morals fall by the wayside as she rode alongside her husband.

Trying new things with her husband

"I always love getting to do new things & go on new adventures with my man!" Joy-Anna Duggar captioned the photo. Since she got married in May, the newest addition to the "married" Duggar clan has been adventuring with her husband non-stop. The pair, who announced their courtship just last year, has already traveled to Switzerland for their honeymoon, where they have enjoyed some quality time together as well as embarking on outdoor adventures and getting to know the culture. Joy-Anna was all-smiles for most of the trip, which included hiking and other outdoorsy activities for the couple. They even got to visit a Swiss chocolatier who showed them exactly how they make chocolate in the country.

Battling rumors and surprise wedding

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth has been the subject of a variety of rumors since last year when she began courting Austin Forsyth. The most scandalous one was that the 19-year-old bride was pregnant before she was married, and was partaking in premarital sex, which would be a huge scandal for someone of the Duggar family.

This is because the Duggar family forbids touching before marriage, except things like side-hugs. The couple may hold hands once they are engaged, but before then, it is totally forbidden. The couple is also not allowed to be alone together before they are married, and must have a chaperone with them at all times. The honeymoon is the first time the couple can be alone.

Joy-Anna Duggar had a surprise wedding this year after announcing that she would be getting married this fall. However, she and Austin surprised Duggar fans by deciding to get married a lot sooner than expected, probably due to wanting to derail fans or keep them from getting too close.