Another Duggar baby on the way! Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have just announced that they are pregnant with their first child. However, Joy’s huge baby bump sparked speculations that she was already expecting when they got married three months ago.

Why the wedding was rushed

Joy-Anna and Austin were supposed to get married on October 28. However, they tied the knot in a surprise ceremony in May in Rogers, Arkansas, which created rumors that Joy-Anna was already pregnant. After months of speculations, the couple has announced a pregnancy, with a photo showing Joy’s baby bump.

“Austin and I are SO thankful to announce that we are parents!” the couple wrote on their official Instagram page. They added that even before getting married, they prayed that God would give them children. That’s why they feel blessed for an answered prayer.

Fans have commented on social media saying that it is no way a three-month belly. She could be around four or five months pregnant, which would explain why their wedding was moved up. Adding to the speculations of a pre-marital act is the lack of confirmation about when Joy is due to give birth.

Perhaps normal belly fat?

Meanwhile, there are commenters who guessed Joy-Anna may be carrying twins while another one explained it is not a real baby bump.

The fan said that at 12 weeks, the uterus is barely above the height of the pubic bone. There are many girls who arch their back and believe that the bump they have is the baby while it is just normal belly fat. But, she also said that height of the uterus would reach that of navel at around 20 weeks. So if the photo shows an actual baby bump, it suggests that Joy-Anna is about five months pregnant.

Joy and Austin excited to be parents

Regardless of the rumors of how far 19-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar is with her pregnancy, the couple shared how excited they are to be parents. In a statement to Us Weekly magazine, Joy said that she is looking forward to seeing Austin become a dad and raising children with him. On his part, 23-year-old Austin Forsyth said he is looking forward to the journey of Joy’s pregnancy and its different stages and said that they are beyond thankful.

The couple got engaged in March after three months of courtship and 15 years of friendship. Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth’s pregnancy journey can be expected to feature on the next season of “Counting On” airing this September 11 at 9 p.m. on TLC.