Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are back in the United States after wrapping up their missionary works in El Salvador. However, it turned out that their own church, Southern Baptist Convention, would not acknowledge their work as missionaries.

Who funded Jill and Derick's missionary works?

As their storyline in the reality show "Counting On" mostly revolved around their missionary life, fans wanted to know the truth. According to CafeMom, if they were not qualified for any grant or missionary funding, TLC might have supported the couple financially.

As reported by The Hollywood Gossip, Jill and Derick failed to meet the requirements to qualify as missionaries. These include completing 12 college credit hours on new testament and old testament survey, as well as biblical or systematic theology. They also need to finish elective courses in general ministry. However, they had reportedly not met any of these but still went on with their application. Unfortunately for them, the International Mission Board reject their application, which means they were not eligible for funding from the SBC or the IMB.

With that, the question is, where did the money they spent come from? Aside from the possibility of getting funded by the TLC network, the couple also depended on donations from fans and supporters through the Dillard Ministries.

Jill and Derick even came under fire in 2015 when they took an extended vacation to the States, which raised questions as to the proper use of their missionary money. It prompted them to issue refunds to those who felt that their donations were used for the Dillards' personal expenses.

Derick should have a job

The couple was slammed multiple times in terms of their finances.

Most recently, there was a rumor that Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger's husband, threw a shade at Derick for his lack of a job. While not specifically mentioning the names of his in-laws, Jeremy delivered a sermon that criticized those who do not work to support their family. He believes that the man should work to provide the needs of his family.

The Duggars are often criticized for their lack of traditional jobs, as they seem to rely on their reality shows and people's donations.

Last month Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard concluded their Missionary Work in El Salvador and returned to Arkansas to prepare for Jill's delivery of their second baby. Jill gave birth to another son, Samuel Scott, on Saturday, July 8. According to their official website, Jill had to undergo a C-section at the hospital after 40 hours of labor.