Jill Duggar and her husband, derick dillard, have been at the center of a lot of controversies lately. The pair recently announced that they would no longer be serving in Central America in their ministry, but would instead be moving stateside in order to continue their mission work in the United States.

The pair has decided that they will be helping counsel young adults who are currently attending college and helping them on their path with Christ. Neither Jill nor Derick directly addressed their reason for leaving the ministry in South America, other than stating "a number of circumstances."

Is better healthcare one of the reasons?

Jill Duggar came back to the United States to give birth to her son, Samuel Scott.

She did the same thing with son, Israel, though the family returned to El Salvador shortly after giving birth. As both Jill's deliveries have been complex, it is clear that the pair wanted to return to the United States in order to make sure she got the best care possible.

However, some speculate that Jill or her son are still suffering from the effects of a very long and arduous birth. Samuel Scott was born after 40 hours of labor, which is pretty quick compared to Israel, who didn't debut for 70 hours. It may be possible that Jill needs to have more care after the birth of Samuel Scott, and therefore she will need to remain in the United States to ensure that she gets proper healthcare to make sure both she and the baby are healthy.

Other rumors of why the pair left Central America

There are many rumors swirling as to why Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard left Central America. One prevalent rumor is that the pair were fired from their ministry, as Jill was constantly telling her "Counting On" audience that she was scared for her life in Central America. Supposedly, SOS Ministries, whom they were working for, thought this might deter people interested in helping out in the future.

It is also reported that Derick and Jill were both unable to learn Spanish, despite the fact that Jill was taking private lessons from a tutor in her home. Lastly, Derick's tweets about transgender reality TV star Jazz Jennings, saying that she should not be on television, were deemed offensive by the ministry and they decided they no longer wanted much to do with Jill or Derick. However, all of this is currently hearsay, as the Dillards nor the ministry have come out to clarify the rumors as to why they left.