Jill Duggar and her husband, derick dillard, can't seem to escape the spotlight, and not always for the best of reasons. Recently, the parents of two came under fire for stopping their ministry in South America and deciding to continue their work in the United States by working with college students. It was alleged that the pair were fired from their job at SOS Ministries and had to find another place for themselves to continue their work for Jesus.

Derick also faced controversy after he stated that he was disappointed with TLC Network for airing the TV program, "I Am Jazz," which is about a young transgender girl, Jazz Jennings.

According to Derick, gender is assigned by God and Jazz's parents should not have allowed her to "choose her gender." Derick faced backlash not only from fans, but also Jazz herself as well as TLC network. It has been rumored that this is probably why the pair was fired from SOS Ministries. On Twitter, TLC also sent out a tweet. "It is important for us to let our viewers know that Derick Dillard's personal statement does not represent the views of TLC." the network said.

Fans worry about Israel

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are parents to two young boys, newborn Samuel and 2-year-old Israel. Fans recently noticed a black eye on Israel in a recent photo and were up in arms about the safety of the young boy.

Evidently, fans have noticed that Israel has had black eyes several times in his short life, which they feel is abnormal and excessive for a child of his age. The fans explained that while most babies get black eye, Israel has been getting them far too often, and they worry that Jill and Derick are either neglecting the child or that they are doing something called blanket training, which is a rather harsh form of physical discipline.

Neither Jill nor Derick have acknowledged the fans' concerns.

Concern over Jill and baby Samuel's health

Fans were also concerned over Jill and her son, Samuel's health after he was born. Though usually very active on social media, Jill was silent after his birth for several weeks. Many took this as a sign that something was seriously wrong with the baby or that Jill was perhaps suffering from postpartum depression.

She labored with Samuel for over 40 hours, which had fans seriously concerned, as the Duggar family often pushes for natural home births. However, the mother of two recently issued a statement that she and her baby are doing just fine.