These days, it appears that simply posting to social media will get a mother mommy-shamed for the most asinine reasons, and Jessa Duggar is certainly no exception. The mom of two often shares photos of her two young sons on social media, however, recently she was shamed over a photo that a family member decided to share of her eldest son, Spurgeon. According to those following the Duggar family's official homepage, the photo was wildly inappropriate for a boy of his age (almost two years old), however, Spurgeon was only engaging in behavior normal for his age.

The controversial image of Spurgeon

The image of Spurgeon that got Fans buzzing was of him with two bottles in his mouth. The little boy very likely picked up his own bottle and that of his younger brother's, and was toting them around the house. The cute, candid photo showed him with both nipples in his mouth as he either played an electronic video game or tried to work out a toy he was holding. For most people with toddlers, having a boy of his age drinking for a bottle every now and then isn't a huge deal, and it also has not been confirmed that the bottles were actually his. Still, Jessa Duggar got immense flack for it, blaming her for what they perceived as a blunder.

Reaction from Facebook

Jessa Duggar received a pretty scathing reaction from fans on social media, who told her, in no uncertain terms, that it was time to "switch to the sippy cup." Many fans even chimed in to offer their own parenting expertise and anecdotes, shaming Jessa and Ben for their decision to allow Spurgeon to have a bottle in his mouth.

"How old is he again? Always took a bottle way first birthday," one fan wrote on the Duggar family Facebook page.

"I always took the bottle away at 12 or 13 months on my kids. How old is he now??" another fan chimed in on the picture.

While those in the spotlight will get criticized for anything they do, it seems that the mommy-shaming trend has gone almost a little bit too far.

While Jessa Duggar may need to consider switching over to feeding sippy cups every now and then, there is no evidence that Jessa and Ben aren't doing that, just a photo of their son with a bottle. However, this also doesn't mean that the bottles are Spurgeon's, and could have instead been taken from his younger brother Henry. While sometimes it is appropriate for fans to express concern over the well-being of a famous child, this doesn't look like one of those times.