Someone on "Teen Mom 2" leaked Kailyn Lowry's pregnancy, but at the moment, no one knows whom as everyone seems to be blaming one another. The fact that someone leaked Kail's third pregnancy before she was ready to announce it was talked about on the most recent episode of the show, however, it seems all of the likely suspects are pointing fingers at one another. Initially, Kail blamed Jenelle Evans, the cast mate who has been blamed for leaking information before. The star posted a congratulations message to Kail on her social media before Kail had even said a peep to the media, which made the "Teen Mom 2" star furious at Jenelle.

Jenelle pleads innocence

Although Jenelle can't deny that she did tweet the message to the world before Kail was ready to make the announcement, she has been trying to pass the buck to Javi Marroquin, Kailyn's ex-husband. According to Jenelle's story, she states that Javi DMed a friend of her's on Twitter who owns a gossip website, and that friend then told Jenelle. But instead of waiting to see if it was out in the media already, Jenelle took it upon herself to congratulate the mother-to-be. Today, Jenelle took the time to engage in a Twitter war with Kail, telling her that Javi even said on the television show that "Kail doesn't know I know." Jenelle then deleted the tweets after a few moments, perhaps scared that they would make her look bad to those who were watching the situation play out.

Kail threatens to leak Javi's nudes

In a fit of anger, Kailyn Lowry has threatened to Leak nudes of her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, that the pair have taken together during the intimate times during their marriage. She has also threatened to leak a photo, which has already made the rounds, that shows a man and a woman engaging in an intimate activity.

Kail claims this is proof that Javi cheated on her while he was deployed, she is "sick" of everyone saying that she cheated on him to conceive Baby Lo. Javi is adamant that the man in the picture is not him, and there is no way that anyone can prove who he is anyway, as there are no identifying features nor is his face in the photograph.

Still, Kail is on a witch hunt and is demanding to know exactly who it was who released the information before she was ready. The mother-of-three confessed to a friend that she was scared to say anything about her pregnancy because she suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant with Baby Lo, and didn't want to go through announcing the pregnancy, only to have to deliver the sad news.