Jennifer Aniston has lashed out at the body shamers who are spreading Rumors about her being pregnant. The actor opened up in an interview with Glamour and stated that she is sick to death of hearing that she is pregnant. Jennifer touched on some very important issues throughout the interview and has claimed that society needs to change the way that they perceive women.

Aniston addressed the constant rumors in an interview

According to The Sun, Jennifer Aniston has addressed the constant rumors that she is pregnant in an interview with Glamour Magazine.

The actor has admitted that she is fed up of body shamers constantly spreading the news that she is pregnant and wants the headlines to stop.

Aniston explained that she does not intend to have children and has claimed that her idea of a happy life is different from everyone else's. The actor went on to state that people simply cannot understand her life choices and because of this, the media are constantly calling her out.

In a report by Fox Entertainment, Aniston explained that people have no right to judge her body, and that the only person who does have the right is herself. She also went on to say that no one else has the right to judge the kind of decisions that she has chosen to make in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.

No one else knows what is going on behind the walls of a home where there are no children; it is a very sensitive issue. Aniston has expressed that at least for her, the issue of children is a very sensitive one and one that she does not want to see exploited in the media.

The actor wants the pregnancy rumors to come to an end

According to The Sun, Aniston also addressed the pregnancy rumors in the interview and stated that she and her husband are not expecting a child. The actor took a stab at body shamers out there claiming that people should not be judging her if she looks a little bigger because she simply had a bit to eat.

She stated the women are constantly viewed as useless if they do not have children, and she hopes that this stereotype will shift over the upcoming years.

Jennifer claimed that it is incredibly shocking to her that these issues are not being discussed and has emphasized that women should be supporting one another rather than judging one another. In terms of the rumors about her being a mother, Jennifer claims that she may become a mother one day but that for now, she is perfectly happy with her current lifestyle.

Jennifer Aniston is currently married to fellow actor Justin Theroux and the pair has been together for over two years now.