Jenelle Evans -- star of "Teen Mom 2" -- recently held a birthday party for her son, Jace, but one person who was left off the guest list was her mother, and Jace's primary custodian, Barbara Evans. Earlier this week, Barbara held a birthday party for Jace and didn't invite Jenelle, which the reality TV star said really hurt her son's feelings. The now 8-year-old has been stuck in the middle of a bitter custody battle between Jenelle and her mother since she gave up custody of him as a 17-year-old. The young mother was ill-prepared to care for him, but feels that she should have him back now, though the courts, unfortunately, don't agree.

Rival birthday parties for Jace

The women have been using Jace as a pawn to act out their resentment for one another, and his 8th birthday party was, unfortunately, no different. Barbara threw Jace what appeared to be a Hulk-themed birthday party at a children's center. Jace attends school near Barbara, and several of his friends were photographed smiling as he sat on a Hulk throne with several young boys grinning. The young boy is rather subdued when he does appear on "Teen Mom 2" and appears no different in the photos. Jenelle maintains that she tries to keep the fights with her mother away from Jace, but viewers of the show know that this is not the case. The mother of three is often fighting with Barbara in front of her son, and sometimes even refuses to appear on camera.

However, Jenelle has stated that she wants both women to have equal footing in his life, despite the fact that her actions seem to point to the contrary.

Barbara not invited to her wedding, either

Although Jenelle claims that Jace was hurt over the fact that his mother was not invited to the birthday party his grandmother threw for him, Jenelle decided not to invite Barbara to her own wedding.

She claims it is because she won't "give Jace back," but unfortunately for Barbara, it isn't necessarily an easy thing to do. Jace has been living with Barbara for the majority of his life and is settled into school and Scouting activities where Barbara lives. The court decided that Jenelle should legally have time with her son, but have not yet agreed that she is entitled to primary custody. This has, no doubt, enraged Jenelle, who feels that this is all Barb's fault. So, for now, the pair will continue to feud over Jace, giving him dual birthday parties as a way to snip at one another.

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