Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom 2" just recently released a new book, "Read Between the Lines," which gives her side of the story to most of the events that have happened in her life both on the show and behind the scenes.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone is happy about their portrayal in the book.

Her ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, is incredibly angry that Jenelle wrote that he had beat her up until the point that she had a miscarriage, and instead thinks that the reality TV star actually had an abortion and pretended to have a miscarriage. The reality star did admit to having an abortion when she got pregnant with their second child after he was put in jail for heroin and other drug charges.

"She ruins everybody"

Courtland Rogers recently described his ex-wife as "like a hurricane." According to him, Jenelle destroys everyone in her path.

"Jenelle is like a hurricane. She is horrible. Everybody gets destroyed," he revealed in an interview with Radar Online. He also resents her claim that he abused her, as he states that he has never laid a hand on her in any abusive manner, and he is upset that she has even insinuated that he caused her to lose their child. He also stated that Jenelle was often violent with him and that sometimes she would take a swing, which he would then have to protect himself from.

And although the pair have admittedly done a lot of drugs and drank a lot together, he says that he is positive he has never hit her, even when he was drunk or high, though it is difficult to know if he is telling the truth considering the amount of substances the pair used during their relationship.

Jenelle blames bad relationships on her dad

In her new memoir, Jenelle has placed the blame for her bad relationships squarely on her father. According to Jenelle, her dad leaving her when she was little is what caused her to have so many issues with men and seek out abusive relationships.

Those who watch "Teen Mom 2" are very aware that Jenelle has not really ever had a healthy relationship during her tenure on the show, and most of them continue to be volatile with lots of yelling and screaming, especially in front of the kids.

Although Jenelle claims her relationship with her current fiance is somehow different, it is difficult to say if that is the case as the pair have already been caught on film screaming and yelling at one another. Her mother, Barb, has dubbed David the worst boyfriend Jenelle has ever had, which says a lot.