Jenelle Evans' new book, Read Between the Lines, was released yesterday and the reality TV star allowed fans to ask her questions as she signed the book on a Facebook live stream. The star told fans she hoped this would help them see her side of things, and understand more about where she is coming from in life. Inside the book, the star details a horrifying miscarriage she allegedly suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, Courtland Rogers.

Jenelle and Courtland were only together for a short while. However, the star insists that although she got pregnant with his child, she did not get an abortion as many people claim.

Physical altercation

According to Jenelle, after a verbal argument, her ex-husband Courtland slapped her in the face and punched her in the gut. After the incident, she decided to pack a bag and stay and her mother's house to avoid further incidents. But not too long after the fact, she said she began to see blood between her legs.

“I woke the next morning to a pool of blood between my legs. My mother rushed me to the emergency room, where they explained to me that I had suffered a miscarriage due to my recent altercation with Courtland," the reality TV star penned.

Many fans of "Teen Mom 2" have been of the mind that Jenelle Evans had an abortion after she got pregnant with Courtland's child and the graphic photos she released of blood pooled at her feet were Jenelle historically attempting to manipulate Courtland.

But clearly, her new book tells a vastly different story about the turn of events that made the pair lose their baby for good.

The abortion

Although Jenelle claims that the first child she and Courtland had together resulted in a miscarriage, she does admit that she did get an abortion with the second child the pair conceived.

The abortion was part of "Teen Mom 2" in its fifth season. Jenelle says she decided to get the abortion because she was highly addicted to drugs and with an allegedly abusive partner.

In 2014, Jenelle filed for divorce from Courtland Rogers, and he was put away for a couple of years for drug trafficking. Courtland has recently been released from prison where he has resurfaced on social media, expressing his undying love for Jenelle.

Jenelle has responded in annoyance and has not expressed her love for Courtland back to him. The star is now taking steps to move on with her life and better herself for the three children that she does have.