Dorinda Medley has been filming "The Real Housewives of New York" for a couple of years now and overall she's had a great experience. It takes a lot to get Dorinda upset, but she tends to lose her cool when she gets very drunk and when people comment about her relationship with John.

Even though her relationship with John was not up for discussion on this season of "The Real Housewives of New York," Dorinda still lost her cool with Bethenny Frankel during their trip to Mexico this season. Medley regretted her behavior this season and she quickly realized that she needed to apologize to Frankel, who had essentially done nothing wrong.

She apologized for the sake of the friendship

Dorinda Medley is not revealing that she actually doesn't have anything against any of her co-stars even though things may have gotten a little heated between them on this season of "The Real Housewives of New York." Dorinda explains in her blog for Bravo that she really did have a great time in Mexico despite the fight with Frankel. As she explains, she had a great time getting to know her co-stars in a different way and she revealed that she truly does feel closer to her co-stars after the trip.

According to her Bravo blog, it sounds like Medley may feel even closer to her fellow co-stars after the trip to Mexico. Even though there was drinking, some fighting, and lots of tequila, Dorinda explains that it was a great trip and she appreciates that she was able to come with everyone.

It also seems like the drama that Bethenny had with Ramona Singer was left in the past. The ladies were able to get along for the most part and Dorinda didn't pick up on any drama in regards to her friend, Luann de Lesseps.

"The house was incredible, I tried my hand at surfing, and we did some shopping," Dorinda explains in her blog, adding, "In the end, I truly felt closer to each of the girls.

I especially liked having my roommate Carole to check in on every morning and to chat with."

Keeps positive despite friend divorcing

Since the Mexico trip and since the show wrapped, Luann has filed for divorce from her husband Tom after seven months of marriage. This was a decision that many fans saw coming and many are not surprised that they are now splitting up.

Some would argue that it is shocking that they're splitting considering how happy they appeared to be for one another, while others say that it was a marriage predicted to fail. One can imagine Dorinda as heartbroken as she was the one who had initially set them up

What do you think about Dorinda really enjoying her co-stars these days, despite the drama in Mexico? Do you think she's going to return for another season next year?