Jay-Z and Beyoncé recently welcomed their twins Rumi and Sir to the world. Fans have been confused about why they chose to give the twins such eccentric names and Jay-Z has finally come forward to address the issue. The rapper revealed the origins of the twin’s names and even stated that he going to be back on tour come October 2017.

The father revealed the reasons behind the twin’s names

According to NME, Jay-Z has opened up about the decision to give his twins such eccentric names. Beyoncé gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir on the 13 June this year 2017 and fans have been wondering why the parents chose such strange names for their children.

It has been rumored that the parents decided to name Rumi after the couple’s favorite poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. Jay-Z confirmed these rumors when he appeared on the Rap Radar Podcast. When chatting to the host of the podcast Eliot Wilson he stated that it seemed appropriate to name their daughter Rumi after their favorite poet.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Jay-Z has confirmed that when Beyoncé gave birth to their son Sir that both of the parents agreed that he carried himself like a Sir. He stated that the name suited their son perfectly and Jay-Z went on to share that his daughter Blue Ivy has been a great big sister to the twins.

Jay-Z has revealed that the twins will be joining him on tour

According to the Daily Mail, Jay-Z has confirmed that his family will be joining him when he goes on tour in the future. He stated that he has booked the tour for his new album "4:44" this coming October 2017 and revealed that he wanted to spend some time with his children before he went back to work.

Jay-Z revealed that he would be organizing the family to have a separate place from the chaos of the tour. The rapper claimed that he would need a space where he can do nothing but hang out with his wife Beyoncé and their three children. The father is very excited about the prospect of taking his children with him and has expressed that the first few months of his kid's lives are extremely important to him.

Jay-Z has also revealed that he will be working on another album after he has toured around with "4:44" but the rapper has stated that his next album will be somewhere down the line. For now, he wants to focus on getting back to work and experiencing the twins growing up.

Blue Ivy has been a huge help to her parents when looking after her siblings Rumi and Sir and has been helping Beyoncé to look after them.