Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence began dating when they both finished working on the horror movie "Mother" which Aronofsky directed. The pair stated that they had immediate chemistry, but Lawrence claimed that she was unsure about dating the director as she has had bad luck with men in the past. However, she took a chance on Darren, and the pair is extremely happy together.

The director has praised Lawrence for her acting abilities

According to the Daily Mail, Darren Aronofsky has praised his current girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence for her acting ability.

The pair met when Lawrence was cast to play a role in the movie "Mother," which Aronofsky was directing at the time. The pair has confirmed that they did not start dating until they were finished working on the movie together.

Aronofsky has claimed that Jennifer Lawrence has a raw and natural talent when it comes to acting. He stated that she has this ability to call on her acting skills repeatedly and is ready for whatever challenge comes her way. He always would compare the actor to Michael Jordon in terms of her talent. This is the first time that Darren Aronofsky has spoken about Lawrence in public and it appears that he thinks the world of his new girlfriend.

The director stated that when they were filming the climax of the movie "Mother," Lawrence really went for it and ended up creeping out some of the producers.

This ability caused considerable alarm among the crew, and they had to stop and calm everything down. He claimed that Lawrence ended up hyperventilating and even threw up a bit.

According to Entertainment, Lawrence managed to get everyone so freaked out that one of her co-stars had to go on oxygen for a few minutes. Javier Bardem stated that Lawrence is an incredible actor and that she does not have to be in pain in order to recreate it.

Barden admitted that he ended up having to go on oxygen and have tubes put up his nostrils for a few moments. He recalled how Darren Aronofsky told the actors that they were going to have to re-shoot the scene because it was out of focus.

Lawrence's co-stars backed up claims of the actor's talent

It is clear that Lawrence's boyfriend and fellow co-stars have great respect for her acting ability.

Over the past few years, Lawrence's career has skyrocketed and she has become one of the most critically acclaimed actors in all of Hollywood.

It has been confirmed that the movie "Mother" is due to arrive in theaters come September 15 and fans cannot wait to see Lawrence acting in a horror movie.