"The Young and the Restless" has a new resident bad girl, who is beginning to make Jill look like a saint. Hurricane Hilary is once more on the loose in genoa city, and yet again happened upon a private conversation with a member of the Newman family. This time, however, she did not have permission from Victor to air the footage she recorded. Ms. Curtis simply cannot help herself and it may cost her big time.

Hilary seems unable to change

Hilary has been leaving destruction in her path since she came to Genoa City targeting Neil. Now that she is the owner of "G.C.

Buzz she has really been on a roll. Rather than run a respectable business, she continues to do tabloid journalism. On Thursday, the Hurricane set her sights on Victoria and recorded a private conversation between Ms. Newman and Ben Hochman.

On Friday, she aired the tape on her talk show, and now everyone knows Vicky slept with Ben. Hilary thinks in the moment and does not consider consequences, and seems unable to change her devious ways. Ratings for her show are the number one priority, and those she hurts along the way, are simply collateral damage. Airing Victoria's private moment was pretty low, even for MS. Curtis.

Vicky's one night stand with Ben should have stayed between the two of them.

When Jordan finds out this will probably be the last straw. Spoiler alerts indicate that next week he tells Hilary it's time for them to move on. He probably believes he has a chance with Lily, as he kissed her at the end of Friday's episode.

The fallout from Hilary's decision

There will be much fallout from the decision to air Victoria's dirty laundry. Previews for Monday show Victoria giving the Hurricane an earful about the footage she ran on her show.

Vicky will not back down and will go out of her way to make Hilary pay. Victor Newman will be angry because he allowed Ms. Curtis one exclusive, and that was the video of Nick and his father fighting after the benefit concert. Now she has gone after his daughter on her own. Loyal viewers of "The Young and the Restless" know that this means war.

The Newman and Winters families will turn on Ms. Curtis, but the worst is yet to come. At the end of Friday's episode, Jordan let his feelings for Lily be known just before kissing her. When he finds out about Hilary's latest stunt, it will probably end their relationship. Hilary will really be livid when she finds out that she lost her man to the woman she hates the most in the world.