Jessica Biel may be playing a scary role in "The Sinner," but her husband, Justin Timberlake, does not mind seeing her in her most violent and dramatic character yet. In fact, he has been her constant supporter while she has been preparing for the eight-episode TV series which premieres Wednesday.

Biel gushes about Timberlake's reaction to her dark role

In an exclusive interview with ET Online, Jessica Biel shared how she discussed her new project with Justin Timberlake. "I, of course, told him what the book was, what it was about, what happens, so he has been in the know for a long time," she explained.

"I don't think he was scared [of me] because he's been along with me this whole journey," she added when asked about her husband's take on her dark role.

Although she finds it weird to act violent in front of Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel is hopeful that she has given justice to her character as Cora Tannetti. According to USA Today, the actress is playing a part as a troubled mother in "The Sinner," who randomly killed a man.

Biel on her most dramatic and violent role

Jessica Biel, who also serves as the executive producer of the series, admitted that the novel caught her attention and thought that it would be fun to accept the challenge of playing the lead character. She explained that the book was "compelling" and she found Cora Tannetti's "complicated" character interesting.

She also liked the unpredictability of the story and characters.

The "Blade: Trinity" star also recalled one of her scenes where she suffered from minor scrapes after an on-screen fight with Bill Pullman's Harry Ambrose. "I felt pretty bad about it, but he's a very strong person and, you know, was obviously fine, but our jobs are weird.

Sometimes we do weird stuff at work," the actress said of the co-actor.

But despite her hectic schedule and intense scenes for "The Sinner," Jessica Biel always make it a point to separate work from her responsibility as a mother to Silas and a wife to Justin Timberlake. "I mean, yes, I'm exhausted and sometimes I need like, a glass of wine and to just hang out.

But you got to let it go," she confessed.

Meanwhile, the "Can't Stop The Feeling" singer showed his all-out support to his wife's new project ahead of its premiere. In an Instagram post on Monday, Justin Timberlake recommended that his followers should check out "The Sinner" and witness Jessica Biel's "incredible" performance.