Thicker or thinner — Rihanna is the queen when it comes to body shaming. The “Diamonds” singer made a jaw-dropping appearance in the London premiere of “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.” On Sunday, July 30, one of her fans took to Instagram to share a video of Rihanna and wrote, “She looks fat; Rihanna you should shed extra pounds as you look odd.” The pop singer is aware of the chatter going on about her figure, so she wrote on her social media, “Dear you don’t have a right to discuss my private matters.” Even Rihanna’s best friend Melissa writes, “Stop judging her and mind your own business please.”

What’s unique in the video?

Can’t a girl eat snacks and enjoy her soft drink?

The clip, which was taken in 2015, showed Rihanna buying some snacks and a bottle of soft drink. The person behind the camera joked about her body, saying she walked into the store and was very hungry. She already has four sandwiches. Rihanna, 30, is shown holding a bag of fries and some snacks throughout the video.

After London, the “Umbrella” singer attended an event in Paris alongside actress Cara Delevingne. She looks flawless while posing for the paparazzi, but we feel that some people are unhappy with how the Barbadian singer manages to look sexy and charming. That is why they are trying to ruin her reputation on social media. Some of her rivals regularly post Rihanna's sexy videos and photographs, showing her boobs and butt.

What is her answer?

The amount of shade coming from some fans has given the singer tough times. Rihanna has reportedly blocked a few followers on Instagram and Twitter because they call her “fat and ugly.” According to the Daily Mail, some of her followers share a variety of supportive comments such as “You should mind your own business,” “No!

Rihanna doesn’t look fat” and “She is fat but looks adorable.”

Rihanna, on the other hand, has blocked some fans on social media as she wants to stay safe. It would not be wrong to say that the “Diamonds” singer has always been open about her views on her body.

A few years ago, she revealed that she was trying to put on weight after the training she endured to prep for her role in “Battleship.” “I know what I am doing, and fans should not worry about my weight,” Rihanna told Metro UK.

Despite the fact that some internet trolls insist that the pop singer should shed extra pounds, Rihanna might never go on a diet as she loves her food and drink.