In the age of Netflix, viewers got accustomed to seeing TV Series coming and going within a season. However, some of the most iconic series that got global success in the 90s and had their viewers obsessed with the on-screen characters are still incredibly fun to watch. Which boils down to one question, why is "Friends" considered as the best TV sitcoms ever? Here are three of the main possible reasons.

1. Alignment With The Level Of Viewers

From the start, it kept its heads up, and the producers made sure that the spectators they were addressing felt connected and relevant to the series.

Somehow, they managed to keep up with the audience through time, and that is because of many reasons that will be explained in details in the next two points.

2. Addressing Need Of Friends

Second most important part is understanding the need of friends in one's life, no matter how many years or centuries have passed. A man from the stone age also needed friends, and so does the man who owns a castle. Friends are something everyone needs despite their personality type, whether they are introverts or extroverts. The TV show kept the core requirement of living in mind and made a show that was humungous hit in every year since it came out at the end of the 90s.Daily Ups And Downs and it is part of life: Any tv show can easily keep the fantasy alive, show the life fun and easy.

While in this case David Crane and Marta Kauffman took these problems and inserted them in the lives of all the characters. From not knowing one's father (Phoebe Buffay) to mommy (Monica) and daddy issues (Chandler), it dealt with it all in very light tone.

3. Any Viewer Can Correlate To One Character

If a viewer wants to be independent in any part of the world, he/she will automatically compare him/herself with Rachel.

If oriented figures like Monica or Ross can be real, relatable characters for any fan, others like Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe can appeal to confused yet settled, finding and fighting for one's career and cool with everything respectively. It somehow makes it easier for the viewers to get through hard stuff and obstacles in their own lives.

The "Friends" Lesson

In short, it is still getting new viewers from next generation, and it has managed to teach the audience that this is life and somehow it is supposed to suck. All we can do is have good friends to get through all of it. These basic life lessons are necessary and essential, all the writers and characters dealt these ups and downs in a very light manner. It taught us that no matter how hard life gets, despite all the issues happening, we should always have a positive attitude and never give up. That is why Friends is still one of the number one TV comedy show even after 20+ years after its air. If you are a fan and looking for a reunion, you must see this site.