Hilary Duff took to Instagram to slam body shamers, posting a picture of herself with son Luca on holiday. The 29-year-old actress and singer shared a photograph of herself in a swimsuit with her back facing the camera and showing off her derriere, telling critics to "kiss my a**." The star wrote a powerful message alongside the photo, saying she was posting the picture on behalf of all girls, women, and mothers. Duff explained that she is currently on vacation with her 5-year-old son, Luca, and she is enjoying spending time with him after being away for weeks at a time working.

The star pointedly called out magazines and websites who love to talk about celebrity flaws. The mom said her body has given her her "greatest gift" in life -- Luca. Duff continued by telling fans and Instagram users that she is turning 30 in September and that her body is healthy and hasn't failed so far. She stressed the need for girls and women to stop focusing on their "flaws" and wishing they were different. Duff urged them to embrace who they are in the here and now and to celebrate their health and bodies. The star's post has received over 800,000 likes, with fans commenting on the picture and showing their support.

Hilary Duff enjoying vacation in Hawaii

According to the Daily Mail, the star is enjoying her vacation in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

Duff shared a video on her Instagram account on Wednesday, August 2, showing her holding an amphibian and waving it in her friend's face. The star announced that she had caught a frog and two lizards that day and apologized for acting "like a boy." Duff also posted a couple pictures of her with friends. The star shared a picture on August 2, of her sunbathing with a pal.

The two were sporting bright, yellow swimsuits and appeared to be having a good time.

Duff posted another vacation picture on the social media site on August 3, of her grinning into the camera with a friend. The star captioned the picture "double trouble" and said they were just like their kids. Duff shared a snap of herself sipping from a pineapple several hours ago, wearing a cap and oversized sunglasses.

She also shared a picture of her son, Luca, looking adorable and drinking from a pineapple.

Duff celebrating the end of filming season 4 of 'Younger' with vacation

The actress is enjoying a well-deserved break whilst on vacation. Duff recently finished filming season 4 of TV series "Younger" in which she plays the role of Kelsey Peters. On her Instagram picture slamming body shamers, the star said that she was enjoying her vacation after a long season of filming. She also revealed that while she was working on season 4 of the series, she was away from her son for long periods of time. Duff certainly appears to be enjoying spending time with her little boy on their holiday.