The official poster to “Grey’s Anatomy" season 14 is out. It seems that the show’s central characters have been kept intact. Besides that, several new faces have emerged too. What key roles these new faces will be playing, is still a matter of debate. This will only be unraveled once the show premiers. Meredith Grey, played by actress Ellen Pompeo is made to look wiser, more mature. The other remaining original cast members including Richard (James Pickens Jr), Bailey played by Chandra Wilson, Alex played by Justin Chambers among others is also to join in.

As pointed out by TV Line, this is the original cast that has been a part of the medical series since the first season itself.

Meredith and Alex's relationship

According to another report published by People’s Choice, Meredith and Alex are placed pretty close to each other in the poster. In fact, Alex appears to be on Meredith’s mind on the poster. This has been believed to be an indication towards a possible romantic relationship between the two. Giacomo Gianniotti who plays Andrew on, “Grey’s Anatomy,” said that the upcoming season is going to be “funnier,” and “sexier.” The show-runner has kept a light-hearted theme this time. Majority of the show’s seasons have been “dreary,” Gianniotti admitted.

It will be refreshing to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” show something other than death and separation, he concluded. Another important aspect that has been highlight through the poster is Kim Raver’s return in the show. He is known to play the character of Dr. Teddy Altman. It’s long been known that Megan, played by actress Abigail Spencer, is to return in the fourteenth season.

Megan shows back up

Megan, who is Owen’s sister was assumed to be dead as she disappeared towards the beginning. Everyone assumed that she was abducted by Israeli refugees. Her return will also bring about troubles for Meredith. Martin Henderson who plays the character of Dr. Nathan Riggs recently interacted with the fans via an Instagram Live Q&A session.

He revealed that the latest season is going to be “very cool.” One of the fans even asked him what his favorite scene from last season was. To which, he responded by selecting the scene he shared with Dr. Owen Hunt.

According to a report by MovieFone, the medical drama series’ 14 season is going to premiere on September 7 pm at 7pm on ABC network. The pilot episode is going to be two hours long, and will provide an update on all the major characters up till now.