The Original” season 4 ended in June this year, leaving fans in the state of shock. The conclusion was a clear cliff-hanger, leaving the future of the Mikaelson family uncertain. The showrunners haven’t made any mention of when its fifth season is going to begin, however, it has been suggested by Express that it might air in 2018 on CW. “The Originals” Season 5 is going to consist of a whole new playground for most of its central characters. The next phase will be focused on Hope Mikaelson and her time while training at the school.

Characters on the show

Marcel and Elijah will also be playing important roles in the show. Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) has something surprising prepared for Elijah (Daniel Gillies). The fourth season ended with the Mikaelson family being a complete mess. The siblings were put in a situation of vulnerability, and the only solution that they could think of, was to stay away from each other.

With the main objective to prevent the evil’s soul from re-forming, they decided to go ahead with the sacrifice. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) Mikaelson imparted the responsibility of ensuring his daughter, Hope’s well-being to his brothers and sisters.

Season 5 trailer

The trailer to “The Originals” season 5 revealed that one of cast members won’t be fulfilling their pledge.

The clip revealed a key scene wherein Marcel was conversing with Elijah. Marcel can be seen convincing Elijah to travel to new orleans where Klaus and his family are located. If he actually ends up returning to New Orleans then all may not end up well for the Mikaelson family.

As pointed out by Express, Marcel holds a grim look that suggests that he is happy about succeeding in his effort to brainwash Elijah against Klaus.

The next clipping showcases Elijah sitting peacefully at a bar when Klaus walks in and finds him in New Orleans. He visibly appears to be in shock as he hadn’t expected Elijah to purposely put Hope in danger by coming back.

After Elijah returns to New Orleans, he will also be seen reuniting with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). There might be a possible romantic relationship brewing between them in the future.

Since Hayley has already been involved with Declan (Torrance Coombs), it seems highly unlikely that this will take place.

According to a speculation made by TV Guide, Hayley might die in “The Originals” season 5. This was confirmed when a leaked picture of the show’s storyboard with plot ideas was posted online.