In spite of hackers, accidental leaks, and who knows what else could come up before Sunday, the season finale of "Game of Thrones" is drawing near. So, before GoT’s season 7 final episode is leaked by hackers or accidentally broadcast by HBO prematurely again, let us look back at the memorable scenes that made this season great or not so great so far.

The North remembers

Arya Stark aka Walder Frey opened the season with murderous delight and thus finally avenging the Red Wedding. This was the best opening of all the seasons of Game of Thrones and one that will not only be remembered by the North but by legions of GoT fandom as well.

Arya deserves a toast for that.

The Stark’s wintry reunion

This season of "Game of Thrones" finally brought home the surviving Stark siblings to Winterfell after being scattered, endured hardship and suffered cruelty that transformed each of them forever. In spite of the wintry atmosphere of the North, we expect a warm reunion when Sansa, Bran, and Arya meet up. But alas no. Winter has come, and the Starks come with it.

Bran oblivious of Sansa’s emotional welcome and being creepy later on. Arya and Sansa’s tentative interaction when they get to reunite at the crypts. Their Aunt Lyanna evoked more emotion, and she was made of stone. Then Arya became creepy too. As if Littlefinger’s creepiness was not enough for Sansa to deal with.

The triumphant death of Lady Olenna

The Queen of Thorns, legendary for her sharp tongue, certainly died having the sharpest last words. It was a triumphant last stab at Cersei that will inflict emotional pain on the Queen for a long time. Loads of plundered Tyrell golds could not simply erase Cersei’s seething rage in not being able to avenge Joffrey’s murder against the one person responsible for it.

If there is one thing Lady Olenna and Tywin Lannister have in common, it would be the legacy of their respective houses. Tywin lectured Jamie about it in season 1 and Arya in season 2. Tywin dreamt of a House Lannister perpetuating itself on the Iron Throne longer than the Targaryens.

Lady Olenna had the same intent. As the real power behind House Tyrell, she ensured that Margaery becomes Queen with real influence to the Crown.

As pointed out by Jaime to Cersei, Lady Olenna could only do it with Tommen as king. For this reason and to protect her granddaughter, the Queen of Thorns had to murder Joffrey.

The Loot Train Attack

Robert Baratheon’s words to Cersei in season 1 were prophetic and a warning. “Only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field.” Add a dragon to the mix, and it became insane. This exactly was what Jaime, Bronn, the Tarlys, and the Lannister army had to terrifyingly face in this explosive episode, with Jaime proving the fool at the end.

Sam and Gilly at the Citadel

Samwell Tarly may be preoccupied with the grossest jobs while at the Citadel but he and Gilly discovered information that is consequential to all of Westeros and the competing claims as to who is the rightful occupant of the Iron Throne.

Sam discovered that a huge load of dragonglass could be found in Dragonstone thus paving the way for the eventual meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Then he cured Jorah Mormont of greyscale, which enabled him to return to serve Daenerys once again.

Then Gilly stumbled upon information, which both of them were unaware could reveal Jon Snow’s true lineage and could put the King in the North in a formidable position to claim the Iron Throne.

The Night King

Jon Snow and his suicide squad got what they wanted beyond the wall, a wight they intend to show to Cersei. But it was at a steep cost for Daenerys as she lost one of her children. The night king killed Viserion and later turned the creature possibly into an ice breathing dragon.

The season finale of "Game of Thrones" airs this Sunday as scheduled barring any leak in whatever shape or form and many of the questions for this record breaking season may be answered. Then we have to wait next year or even later to see the final season to rule them all.